Organisational Structure

  • Organisational Structure
  • NRI department (Code No.-93), under Uttar Pradesh Government was constituted to resolve the issues related with the NRIs vide OM No. 1098/20-1-E-2014-U-O-143/14 dated 10 July, 2014, read in conjunction with OM No. 1123/20-E-2014-603(47)/T.C.-15 dated 18 July, 2014 issued by Secretariat Administration Section-1 (Establishment). In the due course, an independent section to deal with the activities of NRI department namely NRI Section, was constituted and activities have been determined to be governed under this section vide OM No – 1612/20-1-E-2014-U.O.-255/14 dated 29 October, 2014 issued by Secretariat Administration Section -1 (Establishment).

    In this order, NRI Department has been re-designated in Hindi as “Pravasi Bhartiya Vibhag” vide OM (Revised) No. 05/2019/833/20-1-E-2019-U.O.-68/19, dated 08.05.2019 issued by Secretariat Administration Section-1 (Establishment)./p>

    The Organizational structure of the department is as given under:-

              Hon’ble Minister,
    NRI Department,
    Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow
              Principal Secretary          
              Special Secretary          
              Joint Secretary/ Deputy Secretary