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About the Bithoor


Just 22 kilometers from the industrial metropolis,Kanpur;on the Kanpur-Kannauj road, lies the quiet and beautiful township of Bithoor. Far from the hustle & bustle and madding crowds of Kanpur;Bithoor offers a tranquil spot suffused with historical and religious significance.

Situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges,Bithoor dates back to an ancient time in the country's history. In fact, its glorious past is wrapped in legends & fables. A legend in Hindu mythology says that after the destruction of the Universe and the reconstruction of the Galaxy,by the Lord Vishnu;Bithoor was chosen by the Lord Brahma, the Creator, as his abode.

Incidentally, Bithoor is also the poignant setting where Sita was left by the Lord Rama to lead her life in exile. It is also the site where Sant Valmiki meditated and later wrote the timeless epic,'Ramayana'. At the same time, it is also known as the auspicious place where Lord Rama's twin sons Lav and Kush were born. It was here that under the guidance of Sant Valmiki, the twins spent their childhood and were initiated into the techniques of war and politics;and finally, it is the place where the two sons were reunited with their father in a spirit of joy and peace. It is perhaps for this reason that the place is also known as 'Ramale'.

Bithoor is believed to be the place where 'Dhruv'(the legendary child who grew up to be a revered saint, shining in the sky as an Eternal Star) had his first opportunity for a divine visitation and practice meditation.

In more recent times, Bithoor has thrown up historical figures such as Rani Laxmi Bai and Nana Saheb Peshwa, who played an instrumental role in the country's freedom struggle. These immortal fighters embodied the spirit of patriotism, valor and national pride; remembered with reverence by countless generations. It was here that they spent their childhood and learnt their first lessons of warfare, culminating into the backdrop from where the first salvoes of the Great Mutiny of 1857 were fired.

Bithoor offers not only a trip back into history to relive those great moments but also a spot where the nature's beauty can be enjoyed in various manners, like boating, or just a quiet stroll among the religious and historical temples.

  • Area: 05 sq. km
  • Population: 9647 (2001 census)
  • Altitude: 126 mtrs. above sea level
  • Best Season: October-March
  • Clothing: Cottons in Summer & Woolens in Winter
  • Transport: Tempo/Taxi/Rickshaw/Tonga/City Bus.
  • Language: Hindi
  • Major Festivals: Kartik Poornima Maghi Poornima, Makar Sankranti, Bithoor Mahostav
  • STD: 0512

Valmiki Ashram

Some of the most significant moments of Hindu religion and mythology are said to be created here, as being the place of the forest,rendezvous of Sita after Lord Rama left her, the birth-place of Lav and Kush, the site where the epic 'Ramayana' was written. Located at a height, one has to climb some stairs, known as 'Stairway to Heaven', to arrive at the Ashram, from where a panoramic view of Bithoor spreads out.

Brahmavart Ghat

This is the holiest of the holy ghats of Bithoor, where the disciples of Lord Brahma pray at the alter of the 'Wooden Slippers' after a ritual bath.

Patthar Ghat

The red stone ghat whose foundation stone was laid by the then Minister of Avadh,(Tikait Rai)is a symbol of incomparable art and architecture. There is a massive Shiv temple where the Shivling is made of 'Kasauti' stone.

Dhruva Teela

This is the fabled spot where the child Dhruv meditated single-mindedly on one leg. God was so pleased that he not only appeared but also granted him a divine boon-to shine for all time to come as a Star on sky.

Apart from these, there are some other landmarks as well, such as the Ram Janki temple, Lav-Kush Temple, Haridham Ashram and Nana Saheb Smarak etc.

Fair & Festivals

A variety of fairs and festivals are held here round the year but of special importance to tourists are the Kartik Poornima, Maghi Poornima and Makar Sankranti mela.Thousands of people congregate here on these occasions and take a holy dip in the river Ganges as a traditional ritual.

How to Reach Bithoor ?


Nearest airports is Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow 87 Km.


Kalyanpur is the nearest station, but serviced only by passenger trains. However Kanpur Central is the most suitable station for Bithoor.


Major road distances are : Kanpur - 22 km, Lucknow - 109 km, Agra - 308 km, Kannauj - 103 km, Sankisa - 166 km, New Delhi - 430 km, Prayagraj - 224 km, Ayodhya - 252 km

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