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    Uttar Pradesh is bounded by Nepal on the North, Uttarakhand on the north-west, Haryana and Delhi on the west, Rajasthan on the south-west, Madhya Pradesh on the south, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand on south-east and Bihar on the east. Situated between 23°52'N and 31°28'N latitudes and 77°3' and 84°39'E longitudes, this is the fifth largest state in the country in terms of area, and the first in terms of population.

    Ways of Transportation

    • Airports / Air Strips
    • Railway
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    Airports / Air Strips in Uttar Pradesh

    Airports / Air Strips in Uttar Pradesh
    • Agra Airport
    • Akbarpur Airport
    • Aligarh Airport
    • Prayagraj Airport
    • Azamgarh Airport
    • Bareilly Airport
    • Chitrakoot Airport
    • Ayodhya Airport
    • Farrukhabad Airport
    • Ghazipur Airport
    • Gorakhpur Airport
    • Jhansi Airport
    • Kushinagar Airport
    • Lakhimpur Kheri Airport
    • Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport
    • Meerut Airport
    • Moradabad Airport
    • Muirpur Airport
    • Raebareli Airport
    • Safai Airport
    • Shravasti Airport
    • Sultanpur Airport
    • Taj International Airport

    Railway in Uttar Pradesh

    Railway in Uttar Pradesh

    The state has the largest railway network in the country and the sixth highest railway density. As of 2011, there were 8,546 km (5,310 mi) of rail network in the state. Prayagraj is the headquarters of the North Central Railway and Gorakhpur is the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway. Other than Zonal Headquarters of Prayagraj and Gorakhpur, Lucknow and Moradabad serve as divisional Headquarters of the Northern Railway Division.

    Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Express, the second fastest Shatabdi train, connects the Indian capital of New Delhi to Lucknow. This was the first train in India to get the new German LHB coaches.The railway stations of Lucknow NR, Kanpur Central, Varanasi Junction, Agra Cantt, Gorakhpur and Mathura Junction were included in the Indian Railways list of 50 world-class railway stations.

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    Express ways
    • Prayagraj Bypass Expressway
    • Faridabad-NOIDA-Ghaziabad expressway
    • Ganga Expressway
    • Noida–Greater Noida Expressway
    • Upper Ganga Canal Expressway
    • Yamuna Expressway
    • Agra-Lucknow Expressway
    Road Ways

    National Highways in Uttar Pradesh

    NH No Total Length Route
    509 239 (NH93) Moradabad, Chandausi, Babrala, Aligarh, Agra
    519 28 (NH2A) N 19 near Sikandara, N 27 near Bhognipur
    24 293 (NH29) Sonauli (border), Pharenda, Gorakhpur, (NH97) Ghazipur, Zamania, N 19 near Saiyad Raja
    927 152 (NH28C) N 27 near Barabanki, Baharaich, Nepalganj (border)
    28 305 (NH233) Nepal border, Naugarh, Sidarth Nagar, Bansi, Basti Tanda, (SH73) Azamgarh, N 31 near Varanasi
    128 164 (NH232) N 28 near Tanda Ambedkar Nagar, Sultanpur, Amethi, N 30 near Rae Bareli
    330 103 (NH96) N 30 near Prayagraj, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, N 27 near Ayodhya
    530 66 (NH24) N 30 near Bareily, NH9 near Rampur
    230 17 (NH24A) N 30 near Bakshi-ka-Talab, Chenhat, junction with N 27 / N 731 / N 30 / N 27, N 30 near Bakshi-ka-Talab
    731 221 (NH56) N 31 near Jaunpur, Sultanpur, N 27 near Lucknow
    234 156 (NH91A) N 34 near Kannauj, Bela, (NH92) Etawah, Kishni, N 34 near Bhongaon
    35 346 (NH76) N 34 near KaBrai, Banda, Karwi, Mau, Prayagraj, (NH7) Mirzapur, N 19 near Varanasi
    922 140 (NH30) N 22 near Patna, (NH84) Ara, Bhojpur, Buxar
    727 169 (NH28B) N 27 near Kushinagar, Chhitanuni Rail-cum-Road bridge, Bagaha, Lauriya, Bettiah, N 527D near Chhapwa
    31 968 (NH232A) N 27 near Unnao, (NH232) Lalganj, (NH231) Raebareli, Salon, Pratapgarh, Machhlishahr, (NH56) Jaunpur, (NH29) Varanasi, (NH19) Ghazipur, Ballia, Chhapra, (NH30) Hajipur, (NH31) Bakhtiyarpur, Mokama, Begusarai, Khagari, Bihpur, Kora, Katihar, Harishchanderpur, N 12 near Pandua
    719 124 (NH92) N 19 near Etawah, Bhind, N 44 near Gwalior

    National Waterway 1

    The National Waterway 1 or NW1 is located in India and runs from Haldia (Sagar) to Prayagraj across Ganges, Bhagirathi and Hooghly river system. The length of the Waterway is 1620 km. making it the longest Waterway in India, NW1 passes through Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,Jharkhand and West Bengal. It was declared as a waterway in October 1986. It is one of the most important waterway navigable by mechanical boats up to Patna.