Strategic Initiatives being taken for Migrant Workers

Strategic Initiatives being taken for Migrant Workers

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Welfare measures and employment generation programs are being prepared by the Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh for the laborers of the state. In addition, the department has been continuously working on policies, rules and programs for matters related to training and human empowerment of state laborers. For more information related to the initiative, visit the official website of Labour Department, Uttar Pradesh.

Constitution of Uttar Pradesh Workers
and Laborers ( Job and Employment )

Under the supervision of Yogi Adityanath, Hon’ble Chief Minister, U.P., Uttar Pradesh Workers and Laborers (Jobs and Employment) Commission has been constituted which includes senior & experienced government officials and experts of various sectors to bring back the stability in the lives of migrant laborers, which got imbalanced due to global pandemic Covid-19. The Commission created a strategic plan to overcome this crisis and produced following results:

  • Strict compliance of social and economic security policy is created for migrant laborers.
  • Career counselling is included in the major activities of the commission.
  • At district level, the personal and professional details of migrant laborers were collected, maintained & verified for necessary actions like providing employment to them as per their skills.
  • Skill-wise details of laborers shared with all government departments of the state.
  • Opportunities of employment are created in the public and private sectors for the laborers.
  • Coordination is established with several small, medium and large scales industrial units to provide job opportunities to laborers.
  • Skill-wise data of state migrant laborers is updated on the Sewayojan Portal.
  • Beneficiary schemes are launched for migrant laborers.
  • Migrant laborers are given employment according to their ability and skill. 
  • Social and financial security of the migrant laborers is ensured at every step.
  • A committee was constituted at district level for compliance of orders of the Commission.

Role of Career Counseling and Help Desk in the
rehabilitation of Migrant Laborers

Global pandemic COVID-19 resulted in migration of huge number laborers of Uttar Pradesh who were working in other states of the country. It was obvious that the migration will affect the social, financial and day to day lives of laborers. Hence, to defeat this crisis a combat strategy was needed. Days after the migration kicked off, Government of Uttar Pradesh constituted a Career Counselling Committee and Helpdesks at district levels for the counselling and support of migrant laborers of the state. This initiative of Uttar Pradesh Government succeeded and helped the laborers in regaining their lost confidence. Few achievements of this campaign are as follows: -

  • Through regular career counselling, mental strength of migrant laborers stabilized which helped them in getting prepared for the future.
  • Migrant laborers are informed about various welfare schemes of the Government so that they can get benefited according to their qualification and skills.
  • For verification of collected data of migrant laborers, an application is launched on portal.
  • Helpdesks are established that added pace to the registration process of migrant laborers and information of various beneficiary schemes of the government is shared with them.
  • Complete guidance is provided to migrant laborers who want to return to their workplace.

Employment generation through
Sewayojan portal for Migrant Laborers

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a huge number of migrant laborers returned to Uttar Pradesh. For State Government it was not easy to arrange the employment for migrants in such a short span of time. But it was easily made possible under the esteem guidance of Hon’ble Chief Minister, U.P. and the team of experts working tirelessly under his supervision.

To provide job opportunities to migrants, the most essential requirement was to collect the data of laborers and to maintain it according to their skills. To make the process of data collection easy and to ensure that the person undergoing the current situation can easily complete his/her registration on the portal, a new application was developed by Sewayojan Department which facilitated the laborers in getting registered with the department and get all the information related to employment easily.