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Note: The table below provides references to PDF in any of the two languages either English or Hindi

Sl.No.Order No.Order DateOrder Subject
1 18/2017/76/93-17-14(NRI)2016 pdf [519 KB] Language : Hindi 22/05/2020 Regarding activation of UP NRI Grievance Redressal Centre in Lucknow.
2 1048/44-6-20 pdf [1 MB] Language : Hindi 14/05/2020 District Level Ease of Doing Business Ranking
3 42/2019/441/93-19-03NRI/2014 pdf [445 KB] Language : Hindi 17/09/2019 Regarding specifications of Application Form for “Uttar Pradesh Ratna Puraskar to Non-Resident Indians.
4 40/2019/425/93-19-03NRI/2014 pdf [259 KB] Language : Hindi 02/09/2019 Uttar Pradesh Ratna Puraskar to Non-Resident Indians” Guiding Principles (Second Amendment)-2019.
5 5/25/93-19-17एनआरआई (मीटिंग)/2017 pdf [587 KB] Language : Hindi 15/01/2019 Regarding immediate action to redress the grievances of NRIs.
6 3326/77-6-18-०८(एम)/2012 टीसी-8 pdf [591 KB] Language : Hindi 09/08/2018 Partial amendment in Government Order No. 1488 / 77-6-18-08 (M) / 2012 TC-8 dated 09-04-2018 related to the guidelines / guidelines required for single window portal to be implemented effectively in the state
7 13/2018/125/95-18-03NRI/14 pdf [452 KB] Language : Hindi 01/05/2018 Uttar Pradesh Ratna Puraskar to Non-Resident Indians” Guiding Principles (First Amendment)-2018.
8 1488/77-6-18-०८(एम)/2012 टीसी-8 pdf [234 KB] Language : Hindi 09/04/2018 Services Integrated with Nivesh Mitra are to be availed through Nivesh Mitra Portal Only
9 125/93-6-15-04 एनआरआई/2014 pdf [69 KB] Language : Hindi 02/11/2015 Regarding establishment of NRI Cell in Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation for operation of works of newly constituted NRI Department (Code No.-93) for redressal of grievances of NRIs.
10 जी.आई.140 /77-6-14-02 एनआरआई(वेब)/2014 pdf [657 KB] Language : Hindi 16/10/2014 Regarding transportation of dead bodies of Immigrants/NRIs living abroad.