Vision & Mission

  • Vision & Mission
  • Vision

    The NRI department has been founded to look after the interests and welfare of the Non-Resident Indians belonging to the State, and to ameliorate procedural delays in matters pertaining to them. The Department shall engage the Diaspora in the growth journey of Uttar Pradesh by harnessing their knowledge, skills and global reach to dovetail the same in the developmental efforts of the State.


    • Connect with Indian diaspora and bring them closer to their roots
    • Enhance the sense of belongingness to their Motherland amongst UP NRIs
    • To provide distinct identity to UP based NRIs/PIOs/OCIs by issuing U.P. NRI Card.
    • To tap the technological, managerial and financial resources of the U.P. NRIs so as to collaborate the technical and professional skills and the human resource of the state for the economic and industrial development of the state.
    • To establish effective communication with U.P. NRIs in various parts of the world and prepares and maOintains  a comprehensive data-base about NRIs of U.P.
    • To monitor the general welfare of the NRIs and in time of crisis identify specific problems of U.P. Origin Non Resident Indians groups and take up the same with Government of India.
    • To recognize outstanding contribution by UP NRIs to the country of their residence and the State through UP NRI Samman  Awards.