Nivesh Mitra

  • Nivesh Mitra
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh has launched ‘Nivesh Mitra’, a web based online facility for entrepreneurs desirous of setting up an enterprise in UP. Udyog Bandhu, a Govt. Agency for Investment Promotion, is acting as a nodal agency for implementation of this project.

    Nivesh Mitra has been envisaged as a simple, user friendly, entrepreneur centric web application that enables existing & prospective investors and entrepreneurs to get online clearances/NOC’s from concerned department with ease and minimal "running around”. Now entrepreneur will not need running from pillar to post for filling and submitting various application forms manually with a number of enclosures in order to get the requisite clearances as for setting up of an industry. They require these approvals and the requisite forms may vary depending on the nature of unit to be set up, its size, location and so on. The fact that most of the times there is very little information available to get this process streamlined makes this a difficult exercise, consuming a lot of time, money and energy. Needless to say, these requirements are necessary for proper regulation and facilitation of industrial development.

    The following Government departments have been presently included in the umbrella of Nivesh Mitra:

    • Directorate of Industries
    • Pollution Control Board
    • Commercial Tax
    • Power
    • Excise
    • Factories
    • Labour
    • Fire
    • Electrical Safety
    • Food & Drug Admin.
    • Forest

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