Selected Candidates


  • Deepa Kurian
  • Shema Charian
  • Sajitha Thomas
  • Remya V.M .
  • Ligiya C Jose
  • Aswathy Mol K
  • Juby Joseph
  • Jomol Sebastian
  • Liji Thomas
  • Johncy John
  • Aneeja Rosamma Aniyan
  • Reena Jiljith
  • Priyamvada L
  • Anumol Mathew
  • Elizabeth Antony
  • Bilji Baby
  • Aswathy Soman
  • Manju Mary Mathew
  • Minu Mathew
  • Jisha S Thampi
  • Sithapathy A.S.
  • Shyamily S
  • Remya Joseph
  • Dhanya Joseph
  • Jibitha Martin
  • Divya T.P.
  • Josmi Ulahannan
  • Nisha Jose
  • Neethu George
  • Jissamol Mathew
  • Siji Joseph
  • Anju Hariharan
  • Sonia Joseph
  • Simi Antony
  • Mohisha Mohanan
  • Shejina K Shahul
  • Priti Singh
  • Nisha Thomas
  • Josy Jose
  • Lijamol P Joy
  • Asha Mary Vargheese
  • Limi John
  • Nimi John
  • Anju Mole Varghese
  • Ancy Antony
  • Sinumol Joseph
  • Josny T. Jose
  • Thushara Soman
  • Anupama Michel
  • Sneha Mol K.V.
  • Anu Thomas
  • Seethu Lakshmi. S
  • Sherin P. Varghese
  • Jikky Cicily John
  • Sona Paul
  • Sarigamol Sunny
  • Lincy T Antony
  • Greeshma. S
  • Soniya Thomas
  • Rajni
  • Remya P.S.
  • Rajimol R.
  • Akhila Soman
  • Amala Anish
  • Steffy Sebastian
Dear JOB SEEKERS, please beware of frauds and spoofing. Don't waste your money or give documents (Passports/Certificates) to any private agency for getting recruited through UPFC OMRA. UPFC OMRA does not authorize any middlemen to contact JOB SEEKERS in any means or collect money for their selection. Anybody trying to influence, misbehave or act in any manner so as to affect the fair conduct of selection, shall be liable for penal action and will be referred for vigilance enquiry. Only the GOI approved service charge (maximum Rs. 30,000.00 + GST) will be applicable to the selected candidates and has to be remitted only in the form of DD. Any type of canvassing/misbehaviour should be reported to the officers of UPFC OMRA.

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