• About Piprahwa
  • History of Piprahwa

Piprahwa is a village near Birdpur (historical British variant as Birdpore) in the Siddharthnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The scented rice 'Kaala Namak', very famous and spicy, is grown in this area.

The main Stupa of this ancient site, known from the 19th century, was excavated in 1898 by W.C. Peppe. This Excavation revealed a massive sandstone coffer containing valuables and other objects, including a casket bearing an inscription, deciphered as, "sukiti bhatinam sa-bhaginikanam sa-putadalnam iyam salila nidhane Budhas bhagvate sakiyanam". On the basis of this inscription, it is opined that the Piprahwa Stupa housed the bone, relics of Lord Buddha.

Further excavations conducted at Piprahwa 1971 onwards by K.M. Srivastava of the Archaeological Survey of India which revealed a number of inscribed clay sealings and a lid of pot, datable to 1st - 2nd century AD. The inscriptions have been deciphered as "Om Devaputra Vihare Kapilavastu Bhikkhu Sanghas"and "Maha Kapila vastu Bhikkhshu Sanghas", which confirmed the location of Kapilvastu,Buddhist monastery.

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